Position Statements


Technology and Young Children

July 2010 – The Alliance for Childhood urges the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) to take a strong stand on limiting screen time in the lives of young children. Read the letter from the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood signed by 70 early childhood experts.


Common Core Standards

March 2010 – Read why we object to the K-3 Core Standards. The standards conflict with compelling research about how young children learn, what they need to learn, and how best to teach them in kindergarten and the early grades. The Core Standards will very likely lead to inappropriate testing of young children. See our statement on the standards, signed by hundreds of leading educators and health professionals.


A Call to Action on the Education of Young Children 

October 2006 – Experts express deep concern that current trends in early education, fueled by political pressure, are leading to an emphasis on unproven methods of academic instruction and unreliable standardized testing that can undermine learning and damage young children’s healthy development. See also Comments from Signers on Call to Action and Call to Action Background and References  


Children from Birth to Five: Academics Versus Play 

December 2005 - A statement prepared for members of Congress and signed by leading educators and health professionals. It calls for greater emphasis on play-based learning in preschool.


High Stakes Testing

April 2001 - A group of the nation's most prominent psychiatrists, child development authorities, and educators called today for President Bush and Congress to "rethink the current rush to make American children take even more standardized tests." 


Computers and Children

September 2000 – A wide array of experts  release a statement about the ways computers are reshaping children's lives, at home and at school, in profound and unexpected ways. Common sense suggests that we consider the potential harm, as well as the promised benefits, of this change and not rush forward with computer usage in childhood.